Monday, 12 June 2017


Kiwi Creche
Yesterday at 9.30, room two went to the kiwi creche.
We had to bring a gold cone donation for the kiwi.
Some parents drove us by car to Atarau.
We went because we are studying New Zealand’s
Native Species.When we got to the kiwi creche, a lady
amed Jo came out of the big deer gates and took us
for a walk. After the walk Jo talked to us about kiwi
information. Then she used her transmitter to listen
where the nearest kiwi was. After that we took a walk to
the kiwi. Then we had to wait by a toilet and
half of us went with Jo. When they got to the
spot where the kiwi was thhey couldn’t see it
because Jo couldn’t get it, so they came back.
When they got back,we got to see a kiwi.  It was 5 months old. Half of us got to stay and the other half went with Jo. We had to be very quiet because the kiwi would get frightened. After that the other half got to see it.  Then we went for a walk to put the kiwi back in its’ burrow.  After that we went back to school.

By Jaydee

On the 6  of June room two went to the kiwi creche in Atarau. It was a nice sunny day. The first thing we did was we packed up our gear and headed off. When we got there Jo the kiwi owner, said that the big gates were for the kiwis to be safe from the predators, but…. the flying predators can get them but the kiwis sleep at day. The eggs are very big! The male great spotted kiwi has to sit on the eggs for 80 days! You have to be very quite around the kiwi. Next we had break Jo found a great spotted kiwi, Jo put transmitters on the kiwis to keep track of them. You can tell if it is a boy or girl because the female has a bigger beak then the male. The female has to eat more because she needs to lay the eggs otherwise, she won't have babies. At the very end we got to see where the burrow was. The burrow was in the forest behind the kiwi creche.
By Angus

Our Kiwi Visit
On Tuesday the 6 of June, room two went to the kiwi creche in Atarau.We walked up a path and Joe used a transmitter to find a kiwi.She took a group at a time to see the kiwi, but the first group didn’t get to see the kiwi. When the first group came back we all went as a class back on the trail to the  green house where the trial ended. Room two had break after the long walk and I ate a lot for break. After break we got to look at a great spotted kiwi but we did not get to touch the great spotted kiwi. We released it to it’s hole. Jo showed us the way, we went up small hills ,and through muddy puddles. In the end we joined together to see Jo let it go.          
By Hannah

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